Monday, March 7, 2011

Moon in Taurus

Tuesday morning through Thursday night

After the emotional sensitivity of the Pisces New Moon, and the fiery energy of Aries, the Moon slips into comfortable Taurus on Tuesday morning, and we can take in a deep breath and slow the pace down for a day or so.

Italian garden
Taurus is fixed Earth, the energy that prefers not to move, allowing everything to unfold in its own time. On Tuesday, the heavens are quiet, with no significant aspects, making this a wonderful day to relax. Quiet mediation, sensual massage, aromatherapy, soothing sounds ... all of these comfort the Taurus Moon.

Wednesday, the Taurus Moon makes her presence felt as she flows energy in trine with Pluto, supporting transformative change in peaceful ways. The Moon will challenge Venus in square, reminding Venus that not all the radical idea her time in Aquarius might suggest need to be implemented. The Moon sextiles Mars in dreamy Pisces, adjusting her course to flow with the energies of the cosmos.

While the Moon revels in a peaceful garden, Mercury jumps from visionary Pisces into impetuous Aries. Against the backdrop of a calm emotional state, the mind sparks with new ideas, new goals, new plans. Mercury in Aries can be direct, even blunt, in speech, so maintain your awareness of Taurus as this shift takes place.

Thursday, the waxing crescent Moon forms a flowing sextile with the Sun, allowing a clearer glimpse of our emerging New Moon wishes. This is an auspicious day for relationships, creativity and finances, as Venus and Jupiter, the two planets of good fortune and blessings, also form a sextile. May our intentions be fulfilled in the most beneficial possible ways!

Thursday evening, the Moon reaches the last degrees of Taurus, where she will square Neptune at the end of Aquarius and sextile Uranus poised at the end of Pisces. The Moon jumps into bright and busy Gemini just after midnight, at 12:31am EST Friday. Dreams tonight will be full of messages.

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