Thursday, April 17, 2014

Waning Moon: What Did You Just Say??

Think before you speak!
Disseminating Moon in Sagittarius
April 18, 2104
5:38 pm EDT / 10:38 pm BST

Exact Pluto–Uranus Square
April 21, 2104
3:21 pm EDT / 8:21 pm BST

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius
April 22, 2104
3:52 am EDT / 8:52 am BST

Balsamic Moon in Pisces

April 25, 2104
1:37 pm EDT / 6:37 pm BST

New Moon in Taurus
April 29, 2104
2:14 am EDT / 7:14 am BST

Looking at the charts for this waning Moon time, I had to laugh ... I mean, we might as well, right?

The Full Moon eclipse illuminated some important things for us about how we relate to pretty much everything, and now the waning Moon charts offer a series of cautions about what we say (and do) about that.

Remember, we're in the maximum impact period for the Cardinal Grand Cross, with the exact Pluto–Uranus square landing on April 21, so this isn't just about personal communication. We're likely to see some startling examples of public, political and corporate speech too.

Tomorrow's Disseminating Moon kicks things off with the Sagittarius Moon in a powerful trine to Uranus, and the Sun at the possibly explosive end of Aries. With Mercury, Eris, Juno and the South Node also in Aries, there's a whole lotta Fire goin' on.

A Sagittarius Moon is usually upbeat, optimistic, happy-go-lucky, which is nice for a Friday––but a Sag Moon is also often convinced she has THE ANSWER and catching lots of energy from Uranus could make it all too easy to make pronouncements, lay down the law, or have something suddenly pop out of our mouths that might be true but also highly unfortunate.

Venus continues to hang out with Chiron, not too far from Neptune, in Pisces, so holding on to our highest goals and compassionate souls would be an excellent and supported practice.

When the exact Pluto–Uranus square arrives on April 21, the Moon is in Capricorn along with Pluto while the Sun has just entered Taurus. Having the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) in Earth signs could help stabilize things and keep us grounded.

On the other hand, Taurus is notoriously stubborn and Capricorn can be heartlessly pragmatic, so if we've crossed a line in communicating already, it could be hard to step back. Flow with the transformational energies of the Grand Cross if you need to, no matter how hard it is. Remember, with Pluto involved, resistance is futile anyway ...

The Last Quarter Moon arrives April 22, with the Moon now in Aquarius. Squaring a Taurus Sun, we could again find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. We're absolutely sure we're right (Aquarius Moon) so we won't budge (Taurus Sun). With Mercury in Aries, we could find ourselves doing more talking than we should.

At the Balsamic Moon of April 25, the mood shifts. The Pisces Moon joins Venus and Chiron, while Mercury has shifted into calm and quiet Taurus, sitting with the Sun. If we've gone too far, we may now be able to let go of our "rightness," shift back into compassion, and reconnect with a bigger vision.

If we've been on the receiving end of someone else's fiery communication, the Balsamic Moon might allow us to find inner peace and outer harmony. As always, the Balsamic Moon is about releasing the old to prepare for the new. This month, the letting go can reach far and deep as we seek creativity, connection and healing.

The New Moon in Taurus will invite us to slow way down. With a trine from Pluto and a sextile from Jupiter, we'll be planting seeds to nurture our newly transformed and transforming self. There will be more on the New Moon later, but keep in mind our time of change continues.

For the next few weeks––and especially for the next few days––pay attention to thoughts, words and actions. Yes, sometimes hard truths need to be said directly and clearly. If that's coming up in your life, the energies in the sky support you!

At the same time, we all need to take extra care that we're saying what needs to be said for the greater good, not just because we're irritated. Whatever is communicated now will have extra power, and we don't want to spend weeks putting out a fire we never meant to start.

Think first!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Full Moon Eclipse: The Instability of Stasis

new day dawning
Full Moon in Libra
Full Lunar Eclipse
April 15, 2014
3:42 am EDT / 8:42 am BST

In the middle of April, the cruelest month, we walk through a Full Moon Eclipse in Libra, dramatic sign of our nonstop-high speed-unpredictably changing times. (Like we needed another ...)

This Full Moon will shine most brightly on Monday night. The Full Moon alignment occurs Tuesday morning. The total lunar eclipse with its blood-red Moon will be visible in most of the United States beginning at 2am EDT.

All this month, we're cooking in the crucible of a Grand Cardinal Cross with powerful agents of change Pluto and Uranus triggered by Jupiter (let's make this really big!) and Mars (and then we can blow it up!). There's plenty written about the pattern, with Steven Forrest's essay one of the more balanced.

Not only is this powerful Full Moon highlighting an extra-powerful Grand Cross, it's opening a series of four total lunar eclipses, called a tetrad (scientists call it that ... this time it's not astrological jargon).  Learn more about the cool science here at NASA's and dive into an amazingly thorough exploration of the astrology part here at Blue Moon Astrology.

OK, now you've got multiple windows and tabs going, the virtual equivalent of piles of books and papers strewn across the desk and drifting to the floor ... and you ask, What does it mean?

One look at the chart for this Full Moon shows us the incredible focus we have. This is not just a Full Moon––this is a Full Moon PLUS. Libra and Aries polarized: This is what we're looking at.

The Full Moon herself is in Libra, sign of balance, harmony, fairness, diplomacy, charm, and consideration for others. She is joined by the North Node (our path of becoming), Demeter (goddess of fierce mothering), Vesta (goddess of hearth and home) and Mars (of all people! the warrior and ruler of Aries).

The Sun opposes her in Aries, sign of action, singularity, hard-driving focus, compelling energy, and protector of the self. With the Sun, we see the South Node (what we've brought with us), Juno (goddess of fair partnership), Eris (edgy goddess of karmic justice), and a Mercury–Uranus conjunction bringing instant messaging from the cosmos.

Are you noticing the same interplay of checks and balances here?

Mars who rules Aries is in Libra. Juno who rules fair partners is in Aries. Past and future are both implicated, as are gentleness and fierceness, with lots of energy all over the place.

So, this Full Moon will illuminate how we're doing balancing the many balls we've got in the air right now, especially in the arena of relationships.

As always, check your birth chart. Where does the Full Moon fall? This area of life, and any planets touched, will receive extra high-watt spotlighting. With this Full Moon, watch the world stage too. The Grand Cardinal Cross signals change at every level of life, and that too may be illuminated with this Full Moon eclipse.

This Full Moon is not likely to feel comfortable. (I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty jumpy already, but that could just be me.) With Aries and Libra facing off, we're looking straight into some of our toughest issues:

  • When do I hold tight to me and what I want, and when do I let go and focus on others?
  • How do I say what I want in a convincing, compelling way and still include, invite and take care of important others in my life?
  • When is it ok for me to go it alone, and when do I need my team? How do I be on someone else's team while still reaching my own goals?

None of these are easy, and we can really start to squirm when we're forced to face them. What can we do?

Well, notice another group in the chart: The ruler of this Full Moon is Venus, and she sits right between visionary Neptune and Chiron the wounded healer. She's telling us sailing through these knotty problems calls for special skills:

In these times, we want to follow our dreams, use all our senses to be in the right place at the right time, learn from what's happened in our lives, and turn that learning into gold.

So, what about that blood-red Moon? The ancients saw it as blood, a sign of war, conflict, pestilence, endings. Today, we know a bit more about what creates the color, which leads to a new, deeper, more hopeful view of this sign.

Because the Moon is smaller than the Earth, when they line up and obscure each other (which is what happens at an eclipse), the edge of the Earth still shows. Around that edge is a bright red ring of light. That ring shines back to the Moon, coloring it red.

That bright red ring is every sunrise and every sunset happening on Earth at that moment, all shining at once. So, if you're watching the eclipse at night, you're seeing all the other places, all over, where the day is dawning or ending.

In other words, you're looking at change, at transition, and it's beautiful.

These days, the world won't let us stay still. Somehow we have to find the right place between the poised balance of Libra and the headlong rush of Aries. Looking at the eclipse, we're seeing a world full of poised balances rushing into what comes next.

We can do that, too.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Waxing Moon: Sailing Off the Edge of the World

At the edge ... ?
Crescent Moon in Taurus
April 3, 2014
5:03 am EDT / 10:03 am BST

First Quarter Moon in Cancer
April 7, 2014
4:31 am EDT / 9:31 am BST

Gibbous Moon in Virgo
April 11, 2014
6:57 am EDT / 11:57 am BST

Full Moon in Libra
Full Lunar Eclipse
April 15, 2014
3:42 am EDT / 8:42 am BST

Think of something you've always wanted to do, dreamed of doing, known you were MEANT to do, forget 'want'––would LOVE to do, would be more of who you're really meant to be if you did it.

Got that thing in mind? Does it scare you?

Now, do it. (I'm serious. DO it. Start working on it NOW.)

We've sown our Aries New Moon seeds. We're sailing toward late April's Cardinal Cross. The coming Full Moon arrives with a full lunar eclipse. These are days for MOVEMENT, for ACTION, for living life full on.

Every single Moon in the next few weeks emphasizes the gathering Cardinal Cross, with its focus on complete and utter change.  

Today's Crescent Moon rests (ha!) in the final degrees of peaceful Taurus, but the Aries Sun blazes right next to Uranus the Awakener and makes a very tight square to Pluto the Alchemist.

That Taurus Moon is sextiling Mercury in visionary Pisces, so watch and listen for dreams. Here's a perfect Taurus–Pisces dream: A dreamworker friend reported yesterday his two-year-old son dreamt of holding flowers. Taurus the patient gardener visits us with dreams of a hopeful Earth.

In a few days, the challenge of the First Quarter Moon arrives as the Sun and Moon both align with the gathering Cardinal Cross: The Sun remains with Uranus and the Moon in Cancer has moved to fund Jupiter. Meanwhile, Mercury clings to the final, powerful degree of Pisces.

April 7, look for something that looks like a BIG challenge (Jupiter does BIG) that. when you look more closely, turns out to be something you can totally own. Yes, it's a challenge and no, you're not stopping, thank you very much.

When the big-bellied Gibbous Moon arrives on April 11, the Sun will be lighting up the sky between Uranus and the South Node, showing us exactly where we need to shift out of the past (South Node) to move into the now (Uranus).

Meanwhile, the Virgo Moon will be opposite a Venus–Neptune conjunction in Pisces, while getting an edgy nudge from Mercury now in Aries.

Are you noticing how strong the energy of dreams is here? Aries is a time for action, and throughout, we are offered insights through dreams and visions. These are our navigation aids now.

The Full Moon arrives April15 with a full lunar eclipse, which means the Sun and Moon are aligned with the Moon's Nodes. Mercury will tightly conjunct Uranus, and asteroid Lilith squares the Full Moon.

There will be a full post just on this Moon later, and we can note right now we're heading for an especially intense Full Moon that will resonate for months to come.

So ... why would anyone choose to sail off the edge of the world? (Apart from the fact that that's where the dragons are, and dragons are always worth finding.)

Here's the interesting thing: We are all told at some point that sailors thought the Earth was flat. (Oh no!) We are all told how wonderfully courageous they were to go sailing at all, let alone approach those nasty edges.

BUT sailors, more than any other people, knew all along the Earth was round. They had the knowledge, tools, insight and experience to know they were NOT going to fall off.

And so do we.

It is really, really easy to find fear-mongers anywhere and everywhere. If we don't have them in our lives, we have them in our heads: "Don't try it, don't do it, it will never work, you're not [whatever] enough, you'll fail." Familiar, right?

These are the days we recognize in a new and wonderful way that all those messages are coming straight from the Flat Earth Society and our world is wonderfully and completely round.

That thing that looks like an edge is really a lovely curve, and if we use the tools, insight and experience we already have, we know that.

Sail on, sailor!