Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waning Moon in Pisces

Wednesday afternoon through Saturday morning

This afternoon, the Moon slips into dreamy Pisces, where she will join Venus in the early hours of Thursday. A midmorning sextile with Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday completes the Moon's classical aspects for this transit, after which she enters a void of course period until entering Aries on Saturday morning.

Wait ... what? The Moon is void of course for almost two days? In that space where ordinary time is suspended, and we hold back from beginning new things, for two days? Well, yes.

This Pisces Moon will be especially dreamy, almost disconnected-feeling. Patterns repeat themselves as a way to focus our attention, and this Moon transit ushers in the Mercury Retrograde in Aries that also begins today, just an hour and a half before the Moon enters Pisces.

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This is the year of Mercury retrogrades in Fire, beginning with Aries, which is the beginning. When we enter a retrograde period with Mercury, we revisit our ways of thinking. We reflect, revise, reconsider.

These are valuable, indeed essential, times, when we have the opportunity to strengthen what is best, revising as needed.

Each retrograde period culminates in a New Mercury, the midpoint, when Mercury conjuncts the Sun. As with the New Moons, this is a seed time, when we can intentionally makes changes in flow with the cosmos.

Astrology for the 21st Century offers my favorite podcast on Mercury retrograde, and now offers a brief video illustrating what's happening in the sky during these periods.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, we have the chance to reflect on, and reconnect with, our own ground of being. Each of us enters this life with a unique set of desires; the values, ideas, goals and feelings that draw us in and draw us on. These are not desires in the Buddhist sense of things we grasp to avoid suffering; these are the very wellsprings of our lives.

But what are they? Do we know? In the blooming, buzzing confusion of life, when we are told what we should want, what will make us happy, what everyone wants, we can so easily lose touch with what we want, what moves our souls and hearts.

So much energy has moved into Aries now, we can scarcely avoid it. Aries' fiery, impulsive, rash, risky, angry energy can feel overwhelming, adding another layer to our confusion. Perhaps this is why Mercury is moving retrograde now, to give us a chance to explore this territory. Pisces poses the question, what will we die for? Aries looks us in the eye and asks, what do we live for?

During this retrograde, we explore what excites us, what turns us on, what triggers us, what makes us angry, what makes us feel alive. The retrograde offers a set of brackets to remind us we can explore all these things without doing. We can think, we can reflect, we can remember, we can consider. We can consciously set aside all the messages, enticements, demands, and pressures of the world to reconnect in a deep way with what moves us.

Desire, after all, means "what comes from the stars." With Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun in Aries during this retrograde, the stars are lining up ready to connect. We can begin now, in the earliest days of this retrograde, to be ready for the New Moon in Aries.

On Saturday at 7:16am EDT, the Moon bursts into Aries. The next morning, Sunday at 10:32am EDT, the Sun and Moon join together for the New Moon, opening the lunar seed time for new beginnings of all kinds.

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