Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where Does this Moon Fall in My Chart?

Where's Waldo? (... or that Moon!)
How Do I Know?

Each time a New or Full Moon, or another significant astrological event, is about to happen, I suggest getting out our birth charts and seeing where the event will fall. The other day, a reader wrote and asked if I could explain exactly what I mean by that. Thanks for the excellent question!

This will be the first part of what is likely to be a longer explanation. Please, everyone, let me know if this helps. One important goal for me is being clear, and helping to make astrology's sometimes technical language and geometry clear as well. Here goes ...

Step one is getting a copy of your birth chart, which I've mentioned this in other posts but it bears repeating. Both Cafe Astrology and offer free birth charts. You type in your birth date, time and location, and voilá, a chart appears! This chart shows the positions of your planets and points, and how the houses of your chart are set up.

As an example for this post, here's the birth chart of actor and all around theater person Ken Howard. I chose his chart because it has significant, easy to see relationships to the recent Full Moon. If you want to know more about Ken Howard, visit his entry at

A note about chart layouts (this is important): If you do go to, you'll see that the chart there and my chart here look different. There are lots of ways to present charts. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

The charts I use here are drawn with equal-appearing houses. The charts show the actual sizes of the houses, which vary more and more the farther away from the equator the chart location is. I find equal-appearing house charts easier to read, and easier to teach from. The information presented in each chart format is the same, it's just a different layout.

OK, step two is the chart for the important astrological event, in this case, yesterday's Full Moon in Libra. There it is ...

Now we literally and methodically compare the two charts. You can print the charts out and lay them side by side. You can download the chart images and look at them side by side on your desktop. If it works for you, just look back and forth between the images here on the page.

A new note, this one about chart locations: Birth location is essential to create an accurate birth chart, so isn't it important that the Full Moon chart is from someplace in Indiana that doesn't relate to anything for me (or Ken Howard)?

No, the location of the Full Moon charts and the other charts I post doesn't matter because they're all natural charts. Natural charts are set with 0 Aries on the Ascendant, following the natural zodiac. Such charts don't reflect the location where they're created, so location doesn't matter. The charts I post here are designed to be used as comparison charts, good for any location.

On to step three: Where's the Full Moon? Look at the Full Moon chart alone. See the Moon at 6 Libra, and the Sun at 6 Aries––this is the opposition that defines every Full Moon. Notice all the planets clustered around the Sun, making the Aries energy really strong.

In my Full Moon post, I talked about other strong aspect patterns making this Full Moon a doozie. If you want, you can note where those are too. But focus first on the Full Moon itself, the Sun and Moon placements.

Step four is where we look for the Full Moon in the birth chart. This is the "Where's Waldo?" part.

The key question is, where are 6 Libra (the Full Moon) and 6 Aries (the opposing Sun) in Ken Howard's chart? Now you see why I chose this one, because his birth Sun is at 7 Aries which means this Full Moon landed right on his own Sun––a powerful placement.

This Full Moon for him will lie in his Fourth and Tenth houses, the axis that contrasts home and family (4th house) and career and the public (10th house). The Moon will conjunct his Neptune down in his 4th house, while the Sun is conjunct his birth Sun in his 10th.

This Full Moon might have illuminated issues around balancing home and family with his career and public self, and how it affects his personal relationships. It might also illuminate new creative projects for him, perhaps some that combine issues close to his heart (4th house) with his theater and film career (10th house).

And look where his Moon is, at 5 Gemini in his 12th house. This means his Moon is being trined by the Full Moon at 6 Libra, emphasizing what I said above about issues close to his heart, and also his deeply creative and insightful side.

Finding where the Full Moon falls in your own chart might not be as crystal clear as in Ken Howard's, but it's there. Every sign and degree of the zodiac falls in every chart. There might not be an obvious planet or point to link it to, but 6 Libra and 6 Aries (and any other position) will be there somewhere.

If you haven't had a chance to check, there's still time and something to be learned. Knowing where and how astrological events touch your birth chart helps you understand how the energies around now are affecting us personally.

That's enough for a first post on this. Do let me know if this is helpful, and what else needs to be unpacked, to unlock more astrology for you. Thanks!

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