Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waning Moon in Libra

Sunday afternoon through Tuesday evening

This afternoon, the Moon enters balanced Libra, Cardinal Air, turning our thoughts to how we relate to others and to the world. With Jupiter surging forward in Aries, this Libra Moon offers a chance to find our bearings.

Degas – Two Dancers
Libra and Aries are opposite signs, Aries the fiery new kid ready to take on the world and grab his share, and Libra the calm diplomat able to step back, think things through, and consider all sides. The Moon's first aspect in Libra is an opposition to Jupiter (7:22pm EST), bringing us right into this challenging dialogue.

Libra is sometimes accused of being wishy-washy, so ready to please others and see all sides that no decision is reached. Honestly, this is a side of Libra I rarely see, but perhaps one voice in today's Aries-Libra debate might be a Libra Moon saying, "oh, I don't know ... will this really be for the best?" as Jupiter rockets into new adventure. It's hard to hold Jupiter in Aries back, and vague doubts will probably not do it.

The Moon in Libra is perfectly capable of holding her ground when her values are clear, aesthetically as well as personal and social ones. A strong role for today's Libra Moon might be to calmly assess Jupiter's enthusiastic drives and ask, is this going to a good place? Will the result serve my needs and the needs of others? Will this be balanced? Will it be beautiful?

Jupiter in Aries is not an energy that can be contained, nor should it be. This is a potent energy for change, but one that is new, raw, untamed. The gentle hand of the Libra Moon can shape this energy, guiding it into channels that are sustainable, productive, and glorious to see.

The Moon moves from this opposition into a challenge in square to the Nodes of the Moon. The North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer continue to echo the polarity of the Full Moon in Cancer. We have more work to do here, it seems, more to balance, integrate and make beautiful as we explore these energies of public achievement and private safety, authority based on outer structures and authority based on inner strengths, and practical rationality and emotional insight.

Tonight, the Sun and Moon trine each other, a time in the waning lunar cycle when we reach a point of understanding. The Sun in radical Aquarius and the Moon in balanced Libra, together, review what has been and plan for what is to come.

Tomorrow (Monday), the Moon walks through a series of aspects that explore the territory of how we work, why we work, and what we work on. Overnight, she will square Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars in Aquarius. Monday evening brings a square to Mercury in Capricorn and a conjunction with Saturn in Libra.

The Libra Moon is cool, calm and collected. She can find common ground whether the dialogues are challenging or easy, and map out an innovative path that honors tradition.

Very early Tuesday morning, the Libra Moon sextiles Venus in Sagittarius, a chance to reconnect with Jupiter's enthusiasm within the circle of relationships. Venus has been exploring Sagittarius for a few weeks now. She's ready to share some of her adventures, and the Libra Moon pulls up a chair to listen.

Tuesday afternoon, the Moon reaches the last degrees of Libra where she will commune with Neptune, Chiron and Uranus, receiving intuitive guidance and healing. At 7:40pm EST, she slips into her time between times, diving into Scorpio's depths at 9:15pm. Look for intense dreams tonight!

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