Friday, October 28, 2011

Moon into Sagittarius: Adventures on the Road

Friday morning through Sunday afternoon
Eastern Daylight Time

Friday, October 28
Halloween weekend
Moon enters Sagittarius 10:44am
Mercury (Scorpio) square Mars (Leo) 11:07am
Moon square Chiron (Pisces) 11:56am
Jupiter (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) 12:29pm
Moon trine Uranus (Aries) 12:56pm
Moon inconjunct Jupiter (Taurus) 7:21pm
Sun (Scorpio) opposite Jupiter (Taurus) 9:41pm
Sun (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) 11:10pm

Saturday, October 29
Moon conjunct North Node (Sagittarius) 1:29pm
Moon square Ceres (Pisces) 1:57pm
Moon sextile Saturn (Libra) 11:18pm

Sunday, October 30
Moon trine Mars (Leo) 2:03am
Moon sextile Neptune (Aquarius) 9:30am
(begin void of course)
Moon enters Capricorn 12:38pm

The Moon enters convivial Sagittarius this morning,  shifting the mood out of shadowy Scorpio and into something much more outgoing, adventurous and sociable. This change arrive in good time, as many cities, towns, and of course college campuses will be celebrating Halloween this weekend.

Although the Sagittarius Moon is generally warm, openhearted, and generous, this particular transit  (following as it does the powerful New Moon in Scorpio) carries a more challenging energy. Sagittarius is also the sign of the journey, the place where we venture out into territory new to us. We move away from what we know, into something more expansive.

The flip side, the tendency for Sagittarius to believe it has THE ANSWER, is also challenged in the next few days. The Moon's first aspect in Sagittarius is a square with Chiron in Pisces. The wounded healer and mentor to warriors warns us not to be too cocky. Sure, we've made it through a few battles unscathed (or maybe just a little scathed), but are we ready for the next one, and the next one after that?

adventurous journeys
Not long after the Moon–Chiron challenge, Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) trines Pluto. Jupiter the expansive bringer of luck and grace is flowing easily with the powers of deep transformation. Ways open up. Someone hands us the seven-league boots and says, OK, go. Are we ready to make a leap forward?

Very soon after Jupiter and Pluto join forces, the Sagittarius Moon trines Uranus in Aries. Yes! we answer, yes, we're ready to make a quantum leap. With these energies around us, we know the net will appear. Here's hoping we laid some serious groundwork at that Scorpio New Moon––if not, there's still time. We're in the first days of the waxing Moon and seeds of intention planted now will grow quickly. Watch for giant beanstalks.

Moving quickly with big outer planet energy at our backs does not guarantee smooth sailing. Tonight, the Moon and Jupiter are inconjunct, as Jupiter's Taurean calm warns the possibly overinflated Moon to slow down and pay attention.

The Scorpio Sun opposes Jupiter and trines Pluto tonight, reminding us we're in Scorpio time, when alchemical reactions bubble beneath the surface. Those forces are vital, powerful, and intense.

Alchemy continues through Saturday afternoon, when the Moon joins the North Node. The North Node is the sign post to where we need to be heading in this lifetime, and the Moon brings all she's learned so far to help us stay on track.

Around this time, the Moon squares Ceres in Pisces. This challenge from a fierce maternal goddess reminds us to maintain our connection to intuition, messages from the forces around us that wish us well and want to protect us. The Sagittarius Moon sees everyone as a friend; not everyone we meet has our best interests at heart.

Saturday night we enter a time of taking action and manifesting, as the Moon sextiles Saturn in Libra. What are the realistic next steps? The early hours of Sunday brings a flowing trine with creative, passionate Mars in Leo, so our dreams might well bring us some answers. Be sure to record any messages from the muses.

Sunday morning, the Moon sextiles Neptune in Aqaurius, a time for visioning what comes next. This connection opens a void of course time that continues until the Moon enters hard working Capricorn just after noon. After the heady adventures of Sagittarius, we prepare for steady effort. Until then, explore the exciting paths ahead and embrace the journey.

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