Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waxing Moon in Pisces Moving into Aries

Today our movement toward the Full Moon picks up momentum as the Moon shifts from dreamy Pisces into fiery Aries.

At 5:00am EST, the Moon joined Jupiter in Pisces and now sits between Jupiter and Uranus, expansive and philosophical, innovative and intuitive. Nestled between these two, the Moon reached her trine with the Sun in late Scorpio (exact at 5:52am), a time of understanding and insight. At 11:37am, the Moon reaches her conjunction with Uranus, the last classical aspect and official beginning of her void of course time.

Fire Dancing in Water
Yet there's one more aspect worth noting: The Moon reaches an inconjunct angle-of-adjustment with Venus, still retrograde in Libra, at 1:27pm EST. Venus nears the end of her retrograde time of reflecting on relationships and creative work. The Pisces Moon inconjunct Venus reminds us we need to adjust. What we've learned from Venus can help us create deeper, more meaningful relationships, if we listen.

The Moon remains void of course through the afternoon, a time to pause and reflect, rather than begin new things.

At 5:29pm EST, the Moon strides into pioneering Aries, and all things new begin at once. Each time the Moon shifts sign, the energy changes, but the move from Pisces into Aries is particularly potent. This is not only a change of sign, but the beginning of a new round of the zodiac, from Pisces' release of energy into the cosmic field, to Aries' initiating a new cycle of growth.

The Aries Moon is a warrior and a pioneer, ready to break new ground and knock a few heads. If we've gathered the insights offered during the transit through Pisces, we know exactly what is needed to get to our Full Moon goal. Of course, the Aries Moon feels she knows exactly what's needed whether she took time for reflection or not, so checking in with intuitive guidance this morning, before the brakes come off, is a good idea.

After midnight, at 1:35am Wednesday, the Moon challenges Pluto in square, Cardinal Fire igniting Cardinal Earth to initiate transformation. At 3:24am, the Moon squares the North Node, setting fire to our commitment to follow our true path. Expect energetic dreams tonight!

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