Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waning Moon in Pisces

The Moon emerged into the cosmic ocean of Pisces at 4:00am EDT. Pisces, last sign of the zodiac, is the sign of intuitive understanding and also of endings, so we may feel the energy of the waning Moon more today. Now in the disseminating phase of the lunar cycle, we may want to share with others our emerging understandings of what we've learned ... and Pisces is deeply aware of the connections that support the web of life.

The Moon is at the apex, the point of focus, of a yod today. This aspect pattern is a tall narrow triangle. There is a sextile, a flow of energy, across the bottom, and then two inconjuncts, the angle that asks for adjustment, along each side. The planets in sextile are the Sun in passionate, expressive Leo and Saturn in balance, harmonious Libra. The Sun, our core self, and Saturn, planet of work and responsibility, are both outwardly focused, related to who we are and how we are in the world. Leo and Libra both carry great creative energy.

The Pisces Moon is much more reflective and inwardly focused than the Sun and Saturn, and yet longs to merge with the cosmos and to serve the needs of the collective. The "adjustments needed" along the sides of this yod relate to finding a balance between passionate expression of the self (Sun in Leo) and a deeply emphatic understanding of others (Pisces Moon), and a commitment to hard work that meets the practical needs of others (Saturn in Libra) and a tendency to get carried away on currents of dream and vision (Pisces Moon).

To resolve the yod pattern, we look to what is opposite the Moon and we find today not just a sign, but a planet as well: Mercury in detail-oriented Virgo opposes the Moon today. Mercury is all about communication, and Virgo wants that communication, and the thought behind it, to be correct in detail and focused on practical service. The Moon is also flowing energy in sextile with Pluto the transformer, in hard-working Capricorn.

So, the Moon's energy for today is focused in Pisces, sign of dreams, visions, empathic connection, and intuitive flow ... and the planets around her are asking for that flow of intuition and feeling to be focused enough to yield detailed, practical results, and clear enough to be communicated to others.

Today, give yourself time for reflection and allow intuition to flow. Make note of whatever feelings, ideas and images come through. Then revisit your notes and ask: What have I learned? Where do I need to take this? How can this serve my needs and the needs of others?

Today we remember Percival, the Grail Knight, who failed to ask the right questions when he first saw the Grail, and so faced a long and difficult quest before he could solve the riddle and find his true path. Today is a day to receive a vision, and then ask skillful questions.

The photo Ocean Balance, taken by Balance, and the image of Rossetti's Holy Grail are available through WikiMedia Commons.

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