Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waning Moon in Aquarius

Today, the Moon brings opportunities for understanding, mentoring, teaching and healing. In the last degrees of Aquarius, she remains close enough to the Sun to be in her Full Moon part of the lunation cycle. Waning now, the focus is on understanding what has been accomplished.

The Moon approaches a conjunction with Neptune in late Aquarius and is already close enough to share energy with this planet of vision, dreams, spirituality, and the flow of creative inspiration. The conjunction, exact at 11:46pm EDT, is the Moon's last official aspect before entering her void of course time over night, but today we need to look more closely at what is actually happening in the sky.

This is because Neptune continues her conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer not known in classical astrology and therefore not included in the official events of the Moon's cycle. Yet we can feel and work with Chiron's energy today as we seek understanding and healing, accept mentorship from others or take on the role of mentor ourselves. The exact conjunction with Chiron does not occur until 3:19am EDT tomorrow, and so carries the Moon, and us, through the night hours.

At the same time, Mercury, planet of mind and communication, moves from Leo into Virgo today ... passionate, creative thought and expression change focus and we shift into more practical, analytical modes of understanding. During this shift, Mercury opposes the Moon-Neptune-Chiron group, asking these three planets of visionary global dreaming to consider the details ... what, exactly, have we learned from our recent, tumultuous experiences? How will we apply this learning in our lives?

The Moon enters Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, at 4:00am EDT tomorrow, continuing the flow of dreams and visions, as Mercury continues to ask for practical application. Working with the energies of this time could yield a view of where we are meant to go next, a pointer to the next step on the path, with guidance from our connection to All That Is. 

The image of the redwoods was taken by an employee of the US National Park Service. Open Door on a Garden was painted by Konstantin Somov. Both available through WikiMedia Commons.

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