Monday, July 26, 2010

Waning Moon in Aquarius

Today's Moon, just past full, carries the torch of Aquarius, the sign of becoming who we are at our core, apart from any conditioning or expectations from others, and placing that unique self in service to our community. The Moon makes no significant aspects today, modeling for us the path of individuation, being who she is, alone, in herself.

The energy today might feel over the top, but carries the potential for productive, balanced change. We will see the fifth and final exact opposition between Saturn and Uranus, a series that began with the first exact opposition on the US Election Day that brought Barack Obama to the White House. Saturn moves forward in Libra now as Uranus retrogrades in Aries, each at 0 degrees. This last face-off between Saturn and Uranus creates an opposition between old and new, tradition and innovation, but also balance and impulsivity, reponsibility and instant gratification. Keeping the lines of communication open could be key to creating a workable, sustainable revolution.

Meanwhile, the Sun adds Leo fire to the mix, emphasizing the need for creative, passionate, heart-filled effort. At this point in the lunar cycle, we are sending our messages and gifts outward. Imagine a strong breeze lifting seeds and carrying them to new ground. We think of creativity as something that happens in the development of something new ... its creation. Sharing, communicating and implementing also call for creativity. Sometimes the difference between acceptance and rejection is not the quality of the thing itself, but the manner in which it is presented.

The Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius together can help us present ourselves and our gifts with passion, individuality and flair, helping us craft a compelling message that speaks to hearts of others.

The portrait of Benjamin Franklin painted by David Martin hangs in the White House. It was chosen as today's picture of the day by WikiMedia Commons. The image of milkweed seeds was taken by an employee of the US Environmental Protection Agency, available at Wikimedia Commons.

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