Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moon in Aries Today

The mood today could feel like a firecracker on the Fourth of July ... a blaze of light across the sky, and suddenly you're airborne and on your way who knows where. As I write this at 8:30am EDT, the fiery, impulsive Aries Moon is squaring the Nodes, challenging both past and future to break out of the Cancer-Capricorn tradition-bound axis into something really new.

By 10:30am, the Moon will square the Mom-and-apple-pie Sun in Cancer. The afternoon, 3:40pm EDT, brings an inconjunct, angle of irritation and adjustment, with Mars in careful Virgo. Twelve hours later (3:40am tomorrow), Mercury in nurturing Cancer gets a challenge from the Moon's Aries fire.

And so it goes ... if you've been feeling pinned in place by the Cardinal Cross or some other heavy aspect, today's Moon could give you the energy to break out and see things in a new way. If she touches sensitive places in your chart, impulsive, angry or other fiery reactions could be stimulated. Aries is unpredictable, so channel this blaze of feeling into something creative and wonderful.

Remember too we're in the last quarter Moon phase now, a time of release. Today's Aries Moon could provide the oomph to get rid of an especially sticky habit or pattern you'd like to change, or look over the stuff of your life with a fresh eye ready to let go of whatever is holding you back.

Check the safety precautions, make sure kids and small animals are at a safe distance, and let the fireworks begin!

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