Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Moon in Gemini Today!

We've entered the New Moon time, the beginning of a new lunar cycle when the Moon and Sun join and seeds are planted. Yesterday's post reviewed the complex aspects attending this Gemini New Moon, weaving a dense web of connections to support our abilities to communicate, network, and manifest our dreams.

The next few days open a window for wishing and setting intentions. An earlier post on New Moon Intentions introduces this approach. To learn more about the special energies of today's New Moon, read some of the wonderful essays available online: Dana Gerhardt and Simone Butler each write on MoonCircles, Auntie Moon offers her perspective, and Linda Hill reviews the fascinating Sabian symbols of this New Moon. With Gemini, the more ideas, the better!

And today's Gemini Moon is not sitting still. She moves into the late degrees, where there are more planets to be touched.

Just before 6:30 pm EDT, the Moon squares Saturn in Virgo. Gemini and Virgo share a love for details, but while Virgo can get stuck in wanting each detail exactly right, Gemini is more interested in turning the gems it finds this way and that, watching light glance off the surfaces. This square is about finding a balance between pinpoint accuracy and creative connection.

Just after 7:30 pm EDT, the Moon trines Neptune in Aquarius (traveling with Chiron in Pisces) and semisextiles Venus in Cancer. Venus and Neptune-Chiron are inconjunct, and so this aspect pattern asks us to find creative connections between heart and mind (Water and Air signs) and between the cosmic and the personal (personal and outer planets).

That aspect signals the Moon's move into a void-of-course time lasting until 9:51 pm EDT when the Moon enters her home sign of Cancer. This Water sign has deep feelings about protecting home, family, tribe and tradition and begins with a challenge to Uranus (square exact at 10:30 pm) and Jupiter (square exact at 11:20 pm) in Aries, who are all about BIG changes. The Cancer Moon wants to make sure no babies go out with the bath water.

A trine with Chiron at 11:30 pm creates a flow of healing energy. If you find yourself remembering wounds from the past, know those memories come to be healed. Those big guys are right there in Aries after all, wanting to see innovative, creative shifts.

A sextile to Mars overnight (3:13 am EDT) may send dreams of practical solutions to whatever is worrying you, or maybe you'll wake up with the urge to clean out closets and sort old photographs. An opposition to Pluto at 5:18 am tomorrow carries more of the Cancer challenge: As we transform our deepest structures, let us honor our traditions and carry their best into the future.

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